Printer ink is at present the most expensive liquid in the world, even more expensive than blood. The following statements are proving our point in offering refill supplies and ink made in Germany.

For one thing, the big ink manufacturers are taking advantage of the current situation. Millions of consumers do not accept this situation anymore. ARICI INKJET`s business idea was to offer end-consumers and refill shops worldwide compatible cartridges, ink and refill supplies with fair prices. Particularly the internet and the own ink development and production have supported us.

The great demand of the end-consumers and the positive development of the market are encouraging us to go on further.  And right now we are at the point of altering consumer behaviour who do not accept overpriced products.

So it is high time for a radical change in the market.

2. information on the company


ARICI INKJET is currently involved in the following branches….

2.1.1 Arici Refill Shop ( Druckerpatronentankstellen ) / Germany)

Over 4500 Refill-Shop customers in Europe

2.1.2 Arici Online Shop / Germany

over 40.000 active customers

worldwide one of the biggest online suppliers of ink and refill supplies

2.1.3 Arici Printer Supplies / Germany

worldwide one of the biggest online suppliers for ink jet printers

2.1.4 Arici Printer Supplies Discount / Germany

First draft finished

2.1.5 Arici Ink Research & Development / Germany

Research on liquids etc.

2.1.6 Arici Ink Production / Germany

Powerful production capacity

Flexible production of liquids

2.1.7 Arici Printer Technology / Germany

Due to great demand: preparation of a sustainable refillable printer

2.2 Foundation and previous Development

The company was established on 01. November 2003.

Arici – Refill-Shop (Druckerpatronentankstellen) first started in the area of refilling cartridges. Within a short time, Arici INKJET expanded and developed to a company with currently over 4500 refill shop customers and about 40.000 end-consumers.

In 2006 Arici INKJET included ink production. This strategic decision has brought Arici INKJET forward.

Independence and advanced technology concerning ink production and development strengthened the position.

2.3 Company Profile

Arici INKJET is in the meantime in various branches active, such as ink production and development, distribution of refill supplies and ink(online shop).

2.3.2 Aims and Strategy of Arici INKJET

Mainly we want to achieve a balanced growth and above all the profit of end-consumers. Therefore we are searching for customer-friendly solutions.

2.4 Main legal circumstances

2.4.1 Structure

Individual enterprise

2.4.2 Business Management

Arici, Tel: 0151 42336965

2.4.3 Further Companies

Arici Ink Production / Germany

3. Technology and Service

3.1 Description

The products of Arici INKJET are ink concentrates for worldwide distribution and ink for end-consumers.

Furthermore, Arici INKJET offers training courses and support concerning our refill supplies, ink and refilling.


Sales and distribution of ink and refill supplies worldwide

Sales of Refill Shop starter packages

Training courses for Refill Shops

Delivery of complete Refill Shop supplies

Production of ink concentrates for inkjet printers

Production of ink and liquids for the industry

Sales of ink production equipment

Arici INKJET is now independent due to the own ink production and devlopment  in Stuttgart. All sorts of ink wer developed and are now produced.

3.1.1 Definition

The production of inkjet ink is an essential advantage in competition. Universal ink, such as it is produced in China, has got enormous quality problems. The ink has to fulfill following qualifications in order to have a good quality and to satisfy the end-consumers: 

The basis of the ink has to consist of first-class pigments and DYE.

The ink has to be specific to each cartridge in order to correspond to the specifications of each cartridge(they differ in viscosity, droplet size, UV consistency and evaporation temperature.

The ink has to be fit for storage and should not after in time.

These quality features are very important in order to have very good printing qualities such as the original ink.  For this, we have all ink formulas and we do develop ink and liquids for the special demands of customers.

Our ink which is produced in Germany by experienced engineers satisfies refill shops and end-consumers by its high-quality and sustainability.

3.1.2 Description of the difference to competitive products

Arici INKJET is very experienced and has got an enormous Know-How about the various inkjet cartridges and the the refilling of cartridges.

We are encouraged in our main business idea by more than 40000 regular customers. This guarantees our balanced growth without dependence.

All in all we can provide customers with our ink and special ink due to our own ink production.

3.2 Stage of Development

3.2.1 Previous Research and Development

Development and production of inkjet ink

Development and production of large format ink

Development and production of cleaning liquid

Development and production of etiquette printer ink

Development and production of franking machine ink

Development and production of coding ink

Development and production of security ink

Development and production of fluorescent ink

Development and production of multicolor flower ink

Development and production of 3D-printer-linker-photopolymers

3.2.2 Future Activities

digital printing of silver concentrate liquid(Photovoltaic)

natural food safe based ink (Norm-E163)

Development of sustainable (refillable) printers (Cartridge free printing)