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The Story of ARICI Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refill Stations

Innovative Thinking, Affordable Quality

ARICI Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refill Stations - The Birth of a Revolution

The story of ARICI Inkjet is one of transformation and innovation. Founded in 2003, the company pioneered the refilling of printer cartridges and access to high-quality printer ink at affordable prices. The founder identified an urgent need in the market: consumers were being exploited by major printer manufacturers, and the prices of printer ink were steadily rising, making it the most expensive liquid in the world.

The Birth of an Idea

Amidst this scenario, the vision of ARICI Inkjet emerged. The goal was clear: to provide an alternative that not only delivers high-quality ink but is also affordable. With a focus on controlled growth and the creation of a sustainable solution for end consumers, ARICI Inkjet's journey began.

Growth and Innovation

The company grew rapidly and diversified into various business areas, ranging from refilling printer cartridges to developing and producing its own ink. The introduction of ink production in 2006 marked a significant milestone for ARICI Inkjet. This strategic decision strengthened the company's independence and gave it a competitive advantage in the market.

Company Highlights

Our services include:

  • Arici Refill Shop (Printer Cartridge Refill Stations): With over 4500 customers across Europe, we are leaders in refilling printer cartridges. Our trained staff provide a fast and reliable refill service that not only saves costs but also protects the environment.
  • Arici Online Shop: Our online store, with over 40,000 active customers, offers the world's largest selection of inkjet printers and accessories. We provide fast delivery times and first-class customer service tailored to the individual needs of our customers.
  • Arici Printer Supplies: As one of the leading providers of printer accessories, we offer the most comprehensive range of inkjet printers and accessories worldwide. From printer cartridges to paper to spare parts - you'll find everything you need for your printer with us.
  • Arici Printer Supplies Discount: Our new concept is currently being implemented and aims to offer even more attractive prices for printer accessories to our customers. We work closely with our suppliers to secure the best deals for our customers.
  • Arici Ink Research & Development: Our powerful R&D department continuously works on the development of high-quality writing fluids. From innovative ink formulas to sustainable production processes - we rely on advanced technologies to always provide our customers with the best possible quality.
  • Arici Ink Production: With powerful production capacity, we produce ink for various applications. Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable us to respond flexibly to customer requirements and offer tailor-made solutions.
  • Arici Printer Technology: In response to increasing demand for sustainable printing solutions, we are working on the development of refillable printers. Our innovative technologies allow our customers to save costs while protecting the environment.

Technology and Service

Our ink products are specifically tailored to the requirements of various printer models. Through our independent production, we can ensure the highest quality and flexibility. In addition, we offer training and support for refill shops, as well as consulting services for the establishment of ink production facilities.

Research and Development

Our R&D projects include the development of inks for various applications, from office printers to security inks and 3D printer binder photopolymers. Planned developments include digital printable silver concentrate fluids for photovoltaics and food-grade inks.

Ink for Marking Systems, Coding & Marking

We provide ink solutions for leading brands such as Domino®, Hitachi®, Imaje®, Linx®, Videojet®, Willett®, Citronix®, Zanasi®, Kba Metronic®, and more.

Versatile Marking Options

Our inks are suitable for marking on plastic, paper and cardboard, metal, glass, rubber, and food.

Industrial Inks for HP® 45 & HP® 45si Technology

Arici Inkjet supplies inks for industrial applications, compatible with original ink cartridges from HP®, Collins®, Rea Jet®, Wolke®, HSA®, and General Ink Co®.

Innovative Environmental and World-Class Inks

In collaboration with our partners, we develop environmentally friendly and high-quality inks for the packaging and marking industry. Our ink range includes solvent-based inks, invisible security inks, and food-grade egg colors. We are happy to customize our ink formula to meet your specific requirements.

Refill Services and Cartridge Stations for Printer Cartridges

We are your first point of contact for maintaining your printer cartridges. Reduce your printing costs by refilling Canon®, HP®, Epson®, and Brother® printer cartridges yourself. Our extensive range includes refill inks, refill sets, refill accessories, and detailed instructions.

Contact Us

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At Arici Inkjet, we stand for innovative inkjet technology and first-class service.